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Its been amazing to see the exponential growth of radio over the years. In the past, there used to be only the conventional radio, but as technology developed over the years, internet radio has been growing more popular, with new internet radio sites coming up such as, imeem, iheartradio just to name a few. These sites have attracted thousands of listeners from all over the world, and has also managed to connect these users together because users can add friends making it social and engaging.

Recently, I have been looking for ways to listen to music, beyond my itunes playlist or the conventional radio. I downloaded the yahoo radio app on my ipod touch and found out that it was good, however I am sure that there are better applications out there right?

Also, I have been looking for a internet radio application that would be good to download for android phones. Anyone care to recommend any good ones to me?

I have tried to use or pandora radio, last fm. in the past but I cannot seem to use lala or pandora since I don’t live in the US (as they are only available in the US). I am looking for new internet radio sites besides the ones that I have listed to widen my music tastes as well as my knowledge on good internet radio sites. πŸ™‚ Please don’t hesitate to share with me some sites that you frequent.

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a quick mention: World Vision

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I would like to mention another non-profit organisation that I really like- World Vision. World Vision is one of the world’s most popular charities and they have made it into the top 10 most fiscally responsible charities list that is an elite list compiled by an Worth magazine.

World Vision is an humanitarian organization that does many things from disaster relief to child sponsorship to AIDS prevention and treatment.

I am glad to say that I have signed up to be a volunteer at this organisation soon and I am really looking forward to it because I hope that the work that I do will be able to make a difference in someone’s life! πŸ™‚

You can visit world vision website to find out more about them: world vision Singapore.

For more details and to find out which other organisations that have made into the elite list of most fiscally responsible organisation complied by Worth magazine, you can visit:

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Here is one of my other favourite movement, it’s called CompassionArt. Founded by Martin and Anna Smith in 2007, it aims to rescue people from oppression and create freedom from poverty.

As Martin Smith is the frontman of the Christian band, Delirious, he gathered some of the best-known writers in the Christian/Gospel industry such as Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Matt and Beth Redman, Michael W. Smith and many more artists to write songs for this movement. The result of this project was 12 amazing songs and one of their songs was performed at the Recent Dove Awards which I believe was a great achievement.

You can support this movement by getting the cd that comes with a dvd. There is also a book about CompassionArt, which I believe that you should get too! πŸ˜€

With Christmas coming along soon, CompassionArt have created an Christmas advert that you can post on your social networking sites, or printing it to display in your church or unis or social clubs! πŸ™‚

Here is their chritsmas advert:




A behind the scenes look at SixthSense

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Recently at TEDIndia convention this year, the inventor/creator of SixthSense, Pranav Mistry gave a talk on how idea of Sixthsense came about. He also demostrated several tools that helped the physical world interact with the digtital world. He also provided a deeper look into the device, SixthSense to the audience.

He also revealed that the software behind Sixthsense would be an open-source software, meaning that it will be opened toΒ  users as they can develop their software for the device too. This will further increase the possibilities to all kinds of improvements or add-ons.

I feel that this guy is truly a genius! πŸ™‚

You can check out the video here.

Interesting video and a must-watch!



google and globalisation

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This week in nct tutorial, the topics discussed were 1) is google making us stupid and 2) Globalisation (the world is flat).

There was the discussion on whether google was making us stupid because nowadays, we are all reliant on the internet to give us information to everything that we need. From my vantage point, although, I feel google can make us feel stupid, because it holds the key to all the information that we need/want, I feel that sometimes we too just can’t rely on it too much. Google is a good way of providing us with information, since, it is a wealth of information. It is good in the sense that we can get differing viewpoints about a certain topic, while compared to a book, it only contains a one-sided view, usually from the author. But, to a certain extent, I would prefer books because it offers a more in-depth explaination of the topic compared to the condensed version of the topic found online. Thus, from my viewpoint, I would use google and the book to have a more balanced viewpoint. πŸ™‚

The next discussion that we had was on globalisation. We are now in the era of globalisation 3.0, with technology and telecommunications enabling us to connect or communicate with one another across geographical boundaries. An interesting question that came up in this discussion was the topic of outsourcing jobs.Β  A thought that struck with me was the mindset of Singaporeans and the jobs that they choose to do. To be honest, I agree that we are too picky with the choice of job that we want. We have a whole array of job options, yet we pick and choose the one that we deem the best for us, which is usually the one that is the most stable and that offers a comfortable income to lead a good life. Because of this, jobs in the construction sector often have to be outsourced to foreign workers.

In other countries, such as Australia or UK, I am amazed by the fact that plumbers or electricians do earn a decent livingΒ  doing these jobs and some of them have been really successful today. I remembered that when my sister’s pipe in the bathroom of her London apartment broke down, the plumbing cost was very expensive, simply because it was really hard to find a plumber in UK or Australia, as the number of people doing such jobs were only a small number. For me, the reason why people do not take on such jobs is because of the perception that the job entails.

Well, in my opinion, I find that we can learn how to find fulfillment in our jobs because, at the end of the day, we are still making an income anyway (whether a large or small) and that we have a job. πŸ™‚ And I applaud all electricans, plumbers or odd job labourers out there becuase you truly deserve my respect for being willing to take up such jobs! πŸ˜€



Pat Law comes to nct lecture

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This morning during nct lecture, we had the privilege of listening to Pat Law, who came to share more about social media and several tricks of the trade with us. It was again, another eye-opening experience with for me because I must say that her lecture was a wealth of information!

I now know that there are many websites where you can gather information about yourself, which can be traced back to years ago. Everything is stored in the internet for millions of years. And knowing that fact is really freaky, thus I will pay more attention now to how I behave on the net. Oh, and I learnt some websites that is quite good for knowing information about people.

An interesting takeaway that I had from the lecture today was the fact that we should continue to collect information as we listen. There is the five step process of social media: 1) Listen, 2) Plan, 3) Engage, 4) Amplify and 5) Optimise.

A new twitter website that I was introduced to at this lecture is twitterfall. This is especially good for events, where you can see a particulartrend being talked about through a list of tweets containing that hashtag or trending topic. Simply amazing if you want to broadcast it to an audience in a room to show them what is everyone twitting about.

Pat also taught us how to use websites like Google reader where you can suscribe to page feeds and updates can be sent to your email or you can set up a folder for that feed for the updates to be stored in. Other sites which she showed us were Social mention and Daymix as well as

So for now, I think I would be exploring the wealth of information she has shared with us today. I think the information that was shared would help me to enhance my experience with social media and the internet.

Thanks once again, Pat for taking precious time out of your beezy schedule to have a lecture with us. It was such a great experience and really insightful! πŸ˜€




corporate reputation seminar 2009

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This afternoon, I attended the corporate reputation seminar 2009 (organised by Reputation Management Associates and Toby James solutions), with my fellow course mates, Gerlynn and Andrea. It was quite an eye-opening experience for me particularly as I saw how people interacted with one another. It seems to me that everyone nearly knew everyone, but then again, I remembered being told by people that the media industry is a small world.

The seminar was aptly named, Corporate Reputation in Uncertain Times, given the current economic climate in Singapore (although it is improving). The seminar was held at M Hotel at Anson Road, which was a very fitting venue since it was quite conveniently located at Tanjong Pajar which was easily accessible by public transport.

Compared to last year, where the topic of corporate reputation was the only topic that was touched on, this year, the seminar had more topics which were discussed. Other topics such as personal branding and social media (with the impact on businesses) were also discussed. A panel of distinguished speakers from various fields were invited to speak about the topic of corprate reputation and how it affects companies and why it is so important to have good corporate reputation.

A thing that I have learnt from this seminar is the power of social media and how businesses should harness it becuase it is powerful. And companies should utilise it as a tool to engage with their customers regularly because it is the platform that discussions are ongoing about your brand. For instance, you can usually find what people are saying about your brand through the bloggersphere. Because news spreads faster online than through mainstream media, companies will be able to manage a potential disastrous situation from happening rather than allow it to esclate into something bigger. Becuase companies show themselves to be pro-active in helping their customers, this will help in their corporate repuatation and strengthen it further.

An example of how social media is evidently so powerful was showcased during the Sichuan Earthquake. Even before the US geological systems were informed about the earthquake in Sichuan, this piece of news was already circulating on twitter. That for you, is the power of social media. News spreads fast as information is pushed from one person to another creating a chain of dissemination. Of course, one must be discerning of the information that one reads online. If you are worried that the information may be a myth, you can check credibile websites to ascertain if the information is the truth or is indeed a myth.

Another thing that I took away from the seminar is the lesson of personal branding. I learnt that first impressions count and that each of us have our own unique brand personality, and the key to having a great personal brand is being likeable. So my note to myself is to try to make myself likeable by having attributes like being warm and friendly and so on. πŸ™‚ The key lesson here is that every time we speak or act, we are selling our own personal brand of who we are ultimately.

Here are some photos! πŸ˜€

a snapshot with Professor Michael from SMU.


Note:Β  From left to Right: Andrea, Gerlynn, Vera and Prof Michael, a speaker at the seminar.


Taking a photo with the beautiful banner

Note: From Left to Right: Gerlynn, Vera, Andrea


I would like to thank my lecturer, Ms Kwa, for giving me the opportunity to attend this seminar and to Reputation Management Associates for organising this seminar to help companies understand why corporate reputation is so essential to a company as well as to showcase the power of social media and its effects on corporate reputation.

once again, thank you for reading this blog post. your time is very much appreciated! πŸ™‚